Document Delivery Service

Important Notice: The Document Delivery Service and the forms below apply only to books and journal articles that are part of CBU's Annie Gabriel Library collection. If you would like to request a book or article that is not part of our collection, you must use the Interlibrary Loan process instead.

When you find a particular journal article that you need, before requesting the article through the Document Delivery Service be sure to check whether the article is available online in full-text through one of the library databases by using our Journals A-Z listing.

Request that a book be checked out and mailed to you

Request that a journal article be photocopied and mailed to you

  • What is the Document Delivery Service?
    Document Delivery is a service that allows CBU faculty, staff and students who live far away from the Riverside campus to have books and copies of journal articles from the Annie Gabriel Library's collection sent to them through the mail. We don't charge to have books shipped to you but you are responsible for any costs in returning them.
  • Who is eligible to use the Document Delivery Service?
    The Document Delivery Service is available only to current CBU students, faculty, and staff who live at least 25 miles from the Riverside campus and who do not frequently visit the campus.
  • What can be sent to me?
    We can send books from our regular collection (no Hymnology or rare books) as well as photocopies of journal articles from periodicals from the library's print collection.

    Reference books, audio/visual materials, materials placed on reserve, and books requested through the Interlibrary Loan program are not eligible for request through the Document Delivery Service.
  • How do I request books and articles through the Document Delivery Service?
    Submit one of the online forms below to receive books and articles through the Document Delivery Service:
    Request a Book
    Request a Journal Article
  • How many books and journal articles may I borrow at a time?
    A maximum of five books and five copies of journal articles may be obtained at a time through the Document Delivery Service.
  • How long will it take for me to get my books and journal articles?
    It will take a minimum of one week from the time that your form is submitted for you to receive your items in the mail.
  • How long can I keep the books and articles?
    Books will be loaned for four weeks, with one renewal. In order to avoid overdue fines, books must be postmarked for return to the library on or before the due date. Do not return copies of journal articles to the library, since they are yours to keep.
  • How do I return my books to the library?
    It is your responsibility to return all books obtained through the Document Delivery Service to the library. You can return them to the library (1) in person or (2) through the mail with proper postage affixed to the package.
  • Is this service available for students in other countries?
    Students in other countries may request journal articles through this service, but unfortunately at this time we are not able to ship books internationally.
  • Whom can I contact for more information about the Document Delivery program?
    Send any questions to Rob Diaz at (951) 343-4331 or